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Temp Team

UI case study

Profile Completion Time: 61% faster

“We're working with Temp Team to define and deliver their digital vision, starting by designing and building a modern, responsive job sharing platform.”

Tools & Techniques

  • Understanding: Analytical data mining, Market analysis, Contextual inquiry, User personas, Task & user flows
  • Prototyping: Sketching, Invision app, Adobe XD
  • UI development: Nunjucks templating system, Custom framework, SVG sprites
  • Deliverables: Invision app, Git version controlling system, Bitbucket, SourceTree


Temp Team is an online platform, operating in 7+ countries, that provide temporary workers means to connect with companies looking to hire. Candidates save time by completing a profile and letting interested employers contact them. This takes away the effort of sending out numerous job applications, and allows the job seeker to focus on effectively communicating their own skill set. Employers save time and money because the candidates are pre screened by Temp Team to verify relevant work experiences.


The Google Analytics data showed that many new visitors were leaving without completing a profile. The low conversion rate was attributed to confusion surrounding the sign up process. Also multiple portals for each country had different visual identity and thus switching between these portals for shared jobs confused the users.

For this project, we (Synergy-IT Design Team) wanted to challenge ourselves by taking on the UI & visual design in addition to the UX Design. We were tasked with improving their visual design, we decided that establishing a clear and consistent style would be essential to achieving our goals.

Temp Team display image


Our first step to optimizing the candidate sign-up flow was analyzing the current design. We identified heuristic violations and prioritized them based on impact on the user’s ability to successfully create a profile.

To synthesize our research data, we grouped key points collected from our analysis in an affinity diagram exercise. The resulting groups represented areas where users struggled most in the sign-up process, and helped us narrow our focus.

To summarize, users struggled to understand the flow of information throughout the site, and found the profile dashboard to be difficult to navigate due to scattered UI elements, the overall layout, and the way information was ordered. After submitting the profile, they were unsure of the status of their profile and next steps.

Temp Team user personas

This project was challenging because of the sheer number of forms and user inputs we had to design for. To tackle this, we followed the atomic design methodology.

We began with designing the smallest elements, such as form fields for different input types. From there, we began to build all the interactions such as drop down menus, search functions and more. For the more complex interactions, we sketched out ideas and iterated on them as a team until we agreed on a solution.

"By optimizing the website for both desktop and mobile devices, and focusing on page speed and load times we achieved excellent results."

As a team, we decided that bringing the designs to high fidelity would improve the quality of our usability tests due to the number of form interactions. Being meticulous with the style down to specifying the padding and margins for every element would help us create consistent designs between three designers and prevent many frustrations further on.

Temp Team product image

The Finished Product

The project is live now with 7 portals working using the same visual identity and improved the conversion rates due to better UX practices. Our final design concept completely overhauled the Temp Team user journey. It's delightful to use from the application form right through to results page and has a stunning, on brand visual design to match.

Our client was very pleased with our end project. We were able to showcase the needs that candidates have and come up with features that he hadn’t considered. This first project was a huge learning experience for me and my team.

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