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I've worked on projects of different scales — from single page website to ERP level web & mobile applications. Some of my favorite projects are covered under NDAs, but following are a few select projects that I have permission to share and write about.

CubiVue 0.1

Product design & development

I was given the task to create a product from scratch that gives couriers and back office access to real time data and enable them to make decisions conveniently. Build from nothing to a game changing product for all kind of service oriented industries is the target.

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Temp Team

UX and UI designing

Worked with Temp-team to develop a strategy and redesign for their Job portals with a unified design system across all their 7+ portals. Temp-team is used by different language speaking people around the globe and we have to facilitate them with a unified design.

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App designing

My job was to design an app that will help people plan and manage their meal ingredient purchases more efficiently, so they only buy the food they need. Also making the recipe search more efficient and easy to use.

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Visual design & UI development


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App design & web portal development

Work in progress

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If you'd like to work together on your new game-changer project and if your heart skips a beat when you see a good design, just drop me a line.

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